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Motorists urged to avoid Central London

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Motorists have been urged to avoid driving around Central London from up to a month before the 2012 Olympics.

The warning to motorists is due to the development of the VIP ‘Games Lanes’ which have been designed to automatically turn traffic lights to green to help athletes get to the venues on time. The lanes are part of the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and will stretch along 30 miles of road and be situated around Central London where the athletes will stay for the duration of the games. 

From July 1st more than 1,300 traffic lights will be adjusted which will cause gridlock for many daily commuters. Maintenance work has to be started on the Games Lanes a month before the Olympics in order for them to be checked numerous times to ensure that they are working efficiently before the games start on July 27th.

Daily commuters have already hit back about the new lanes and traffic problems surrounding the Olympics with many being advised to use holidays, leave earlier for journeys and plan alternative routes.

London's Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy commented: “During the Games, London will be turned into a massive sporting and cultural venue. 

“We have plans in place to get all athletes, officials and the world's media to their Games events on time and to keep London moving and open for business.

“From-mid July, central London and areas around Games venues will be much busier than usual. The ORN, which is part of the Host City contract for the Games, will be a vital part of managing the busy roads and delivering great Games. 

“It will come into operation on the 25 July, a couple of days before the Opening Ceremony. 

“Our advice to motorists is clear.  From mid-July, avoid driving in central London, around the ORN and Games venues.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge