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Motorists choose to reduce their car use to save on fuel

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Research Published by British Car Auction (BCA) has revealed that a number of people have reduced their car use over the last 12 months.

Reasoning behind this is due to ongoing concerns about the cost of fuel. Rising costs of fuel on a weekly basis has forced motorists to use their vehicle less and find other means of transport.

The news comes after Councillor George Osborne cancelled the planned 3p fuel duty increase for August earlier this week. It has now been postponed until January 2013.

Motorists who were surveyed between May and June were asked questions regarding the cost of running and maintaining a vehicle. 60% said their biggest worry was fuel costs and changed the way they drive to limit the amount of fuel that was used. 63% said they had to cut back on car usage and 45% chose to walk instead of using their vehicle.

The second most popular alternative way of travel to save fuel was by using public transport with 33% choosing this option. London drivers used public transport the most with 50%, 35% of drivers in the South East also did this and the Midlands closely followed with 29%. For drivers who live in bigger areas public transport such as the Tube is easier and cheaper to use compared to the cost of fuel.

BCA spokesman Tim Naylor commented: “Our research shows that the cost of fuel remains the top priority for motorists, with many changing the way they drive to maximise their fuel efficiency.”

“With this in mind, the postponement of the fuel duty increase combined with a general reduction in fuel prices in recent weeks will come as a relief to many motorists.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge