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Businesses worry about rising energy prices

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A new study has shown it’s not just homeowners who worry about soaring energy prices, businesses and professionals also worry about the impact of rising energy costs on their business.

For businesses energy consumption is used on a higher scale compared to homeowners, the size of the building, the use of electrics and heating all need to be taken into account.

The study carried out by Zeco Energy LTD with Onepoll surveyed 500 financial decision-makers from across the UK regarding their current energy management initiatives and rising costs of energy bills.

A clear indication from the results of the research was that by publishing energy costs and raising awareness on how to save energy, this did have an influence on corporate energy use.

From the businesses that were asked 51% said they were either ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ concerned about the costs of their organisations energy bills. 26% said they were ‘fairly’ concerned while 14% were unconcerned and 9% said it was not their responsibility.



Those surveyed who work in the financially pressured public sector were more worried than professionals in the private sector. 61% of the 195 public sector organisations surveyed revealed a high degree of concern compared to 44% of 305 private sector financial decision-makers.

To tackle the problem of rising energy costs 60% of organisations had taken a form of proactive steps to reduce unnecessary usage. 21% have used awareness campaigns and 28% have started to use incentive schemes.

Zeco Energy founder and Managing Director, Jon Kent commented: “Overall, the results indicate that awareness of the financial impact of unnecessary energy consumption is clearly impacting the corporate agenda, which is good news.

“Yet without clear responsibility and management buy-in, initiatives to reduce energy waste are likely to fail.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge