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Traffic congestion for the UK as the summer holidays begin

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Motorists are being urged to be aware of possible traffic congestion hot spots and safety whilst driving as today the summer holidays begin with many people travelling to their holiday destination.

The summer holidays have always been known to be a busy time for all types of transport throughout the UK with buses, trains, cars all being used to get people to their holiday.

Traffic is expected to build up on motorways and main roads around lunchtime today as people head for their local airports and seaside resorts.

Routes to the South-West are most likely to be the busiest along with major routes to coastal areas of the UK. According to Trafficmaster the A303 from the M3 through Hampshire, M5, M6, M25 and M27 are the main congestion hotspots motorists need to be aware of.

Motorists are being advised to allow a sufficient amount of time to get to the destination they are travelling to, make sure they do their best to avoid congestion hotspots and to do a maintenance check on their vehicle before travelling.

Even though traffic congestion will be at its peak today motorist have revealed that they will be cutting back on how mileage they use. A recent poll from the AA revealed that 27% of people will cut back due to the rising cost of fuel. The poll also highlighted that 42% will be travelling abroad for their holiday whilst 35% will be staying in the UK.

Ian Donaldson Managing Director of Autonet Insurance commented: “Most of the UK will be heading to their holiday destinations today causing traffic congestion. Motorists should carry out a vehicle maintenance check before starting their journey and of course plan their route to avoid busy areas.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge