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Motorists call for tougher drinking laws

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A recent online poll by motoring organisation IAM has revealed that motorists want tougher laws for drink drivers.

Motorists who choose to drink and drive put themselves as well as other people at risk. Each year it is estimated that 1600 people are seriously injured in an accident involving a motorist who has drunk drove.

As it stands the punishment for drinking and driving is that motorists who are caught over the limit will lose their licence for a year, receive a fine and could face up to six months in prison. Motorists have voiced their opinions of introducing tougher laws.

In the poll 57% think that the current law is too weak and 38% feel the punishment should be tougher. Respondents also revealed that they want to see the limit lowered with 66% thinking this and 28% feel there should be a zero-tolerance policy. 55% also support a proportionate, graduated system of penalties.

However motorists say that if tougher laws were put into force into wouldn’t affect their social life. 79% said it wouldn’t affect their enjoyment of a night out and 84% said lowering the limit wouldn’t stop their plans to go out.

IAM Chief Executive Simon Best commented: “The support is there for tougher treatment of drink drivers, not only do the majority want a lower limit – they also want tougher punishment for those that break the law, especially the worst offenders who present the greatest danger to other road users, their passengers and themselves.  

“Our poll shows a desire to see more effective drink drive levels as well as much greater consistency of enforcement, prosecution, and sentencing, which reflects the level of danger associated with drinking drivers.”   

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By Amanda Bainbridge