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First working day of the Olympics could cause delays

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London’s transport network will be tested today to see if it can cope with the amount of extra travellers, as the first working day of the Olympics arrives.

Commuters will be making their way into work today but could be faced with possible restrictions if they are situated around sporting venues that are being used for the Games. The Tube, roads and railways are expected to be extra busy with thousands of spectators expected to watch today’s events.

Leading up to the Games commuters and businesses were warned to allow more time for their journey once the Olympics have begun and businesses were urged to stagger their delivery times.

Transport for London have distributed 3,500 members of staff to help travellers with any queries they may have whilst using the network which will enable them to have a hassle free journey.

Areas expected to have delays is London Bridge which is close to Greenwich where the equestrian events take place and any roads near to the Olympic Park. Over the course of the Games 3 million journeys are expected to take place around London.

Organisation has been the key to making sure there are no major delays during the Games, which so far has proved to be affective. There is a dedicated website for everything transport during the Games, it gives live updates about delayed areas, advice for businesses, maps of the easiest routes and information about public transport. You can visit the official website here.

London Games Transport Director Mark Evers told the BBC “Nothing can prepare you fully for the Olympics but we're working very hard to make sure that we both get people to the Games but also make sure that London keeps moving as well.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge