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Homeowners reveal they know instantly if a house is for them

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According to new research carried out by Rightmove British homeowners know if a house is for them before they have walked through the properties hallway.

For many consumers in the UK buying a house is a major decision and the most expensive purchase they will ever make. Usually a property is viewed a couple of times by the consumer before a decision is made on whether the house is for them. However the new research has shown that some consumers don’t think twice when it comes to a property that meets their requirements.

More than 3,000 consumers were surveyed as part of the Rightmove Market Intelligence Campaign which asked respondents how they know their house was for them.

The research showed that 41% of consumers decided the house they were viewing was for them before walking through the hallway. 29% admitted they made their minds up when they arrived at the property or when they first stepped through the door and 8% said they decided after seeing the property online.

The findings highlighted that it seems that potential buyers are quick to commit themselves to something as important as their home on first impressions, which is something sellers are urged to keep in mind whilst trying to sell their property.

Rightmove director Miles Shipside commented on the results: “It’s strange to think that one of life’s most important purchasing decisions can be made before going past the hallway. Nothing stirs the emotions of the British public quite like home-hunting and many buyers already have a picture in their heads of their ‘dream home’ as they begin the property search process.

“When a property ticks all the right boxes straight away, many buyers can make quick, emotionally-led decisions.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge