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Research reveals people feel driving is the most important skill to learn

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New research from motoring organisation the AA has revealed that learning to drive is the most important life skill to learn for most people.

Many people go through life setting themselves personal goals which they think are important skills to have, whether it is learning how to write, first aid or learning how to drive.

As soon as people turn the age of 17 many are eager to start learning to drive to give themselves independence and freedom to hit the roads.

From the research 69% of respondents voted for driving as the most important skill to have compared to any other skills such as writing and learning how to use a computer. 30% of respondents from low income households were far more likely to value driving compared to writing which had 17%. Different age ranges also showed surprising results with twice as many over 65’s saying driving was an important skill with 34% whereas only 16% of 18-24 year olds thought this.

Regions also think differently when it comes to learning skills with 31% of people in Wales rating driving as an important skill compared to 14% in London where learning to use a computer was more important. The research also highlighted that the Yorkshire and North West regions favoured swimming as a skill the most.

Ian Donaldson Managing Director of Autonet Insurance commented: “It’s interesting to see many people who took part in the poll carried out by the AA voted for driving as the most important skill to learn compared to others such as writing. I think this is not surprising as driving is an essential skill for many to get to work and day to day activities. I feel driving as a popular skill won’t change anytime soon.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge