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Busiest day for London Airports as athletes and spectators travel home

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Today is expected to be one of the busiest days ever for airports around London as the 2012 Olympics have now finished.

It’s been a busy two weeks for London’s transport network with spectators and athletes travelling to the UK for the Games. As everyone now heads homes it is expected that 120,000 people will leave London starting today.

6,000 athletes will start to make their journey home today with the luxury of being able to use the temporary terminal that was built for them as part of a £20m investment at Heathrow Airport for the Olympics. To make it easier for athletes they had the option to check in their bags at the weekend to ease the pressure.

A spokesperson for Heathrow has reassured regular passengers that they will face no delays and should expect a normal journey.

The second biggest airport in London, Gatwick will also be faced with thousands of visitors leaving today and throughout the week. Plans have been made to make it easy for people to use the airport after two years of extensive planning between the airports, Locog and the Department for Transport.

Residents who live in the capital will be glad to hear that road restrictions known as The Olympic Route Network and delays with public transport will end from midnight Tuesday.

Nick Cole, head of Olympic and Paralympic planning at Heathrow, spoke to the BBC: “Our forecasts originally expected us to see 138,000 departing passengers. That forecast has come down significantly, and we did deliberately over-plan.

“So we expect to see in the region of 120,000 passengers departing Heathrow.

“It'll be about 30% busier than an average day here at Heathrow, so it's still going to be a very busy day, very challenging for us.”

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