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Rail prices set to increase

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It has been announced that the Government are allowing rail prices to increase dramatically due to inflation.

Over the years rail fares have increased which has resulted in passengers finding alternative ways of getting to work. The latest news could make it even more difficult for people to afford their journey as salaries are not increasing.  

Passengers have been warned fares could rise by 6.2% from the New Year including off peak fares, rush hour travel and season tickets which could cost passengers up to £1,000 a year making a 15% withdrawal from their salary just to enable them to get to work.

The news of the price hikes will anger passengers who have seen rails fares rise three times faster than salaries, which has given them no other option than to stage a protest to stop the planned increases.

Train firms have argued that extra money from the increase is to fund investment projects across the network providing better services for commuters.

The news comes days after it was revealed the cost of a flight to a city in the UK is cheaper than using a train. A typical journey from London to Edinburgh stood at £110 to catch a flight whereas travelling by train cost £121.

Rail Minister Theresa Villiers said: “We are determined to drive down the cost of running the railways so we can put an end to above inflation fare increases in the future.

“Our reforms aim to deliver £3.5bn in efficiency savings while continuing to expand services. That is the most effective way to respond to passenger concerns about fare levels.

“We are pressing ahead with a massive programme of rail improvements to tackle crowding and improve services and rail fares are making an important contribution to delivering this at a time when taxpayer funds are limited by the pressing need to tackle the deficit.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge