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Summer time thefts increase

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According to latest figures from the Office of National Statistics thefts from garages, sheds and gardens have increased by 10% for UK homeowners compared to last year.

Summer is now upon us and when thieves target homes as the long summer nights approach. For Spring and Summer thefts rise by 25% compared to any other month with no sign of this figure decreasing anytime soon. Thieves are still targeting homes as thefts have increased by 20% over the last five years alone.

Homeowners are now being urged to be extra vigilant of possible opportunities where thieves can strike. Advice that is being given to homeowners is to lock away valuables at night such as lawn mowers, expensive barbecues and power tools which accounted for 42% of thefts last year, while hand tools amassed 39%.

Outdoor furniture such as patio sets are also a target for thieves as the cost of scrap metal is rising dramatically with experts advising home owners to lock down any furniture that could potentially be stolen.

Homeowners can also cover themselves with a home insurance policy which can cover for thefts such as the ones being targeted. It is important for homeowners to check they have the correct level of cover for them.

It is hoped that if homeowners take the necessary precautions that has been advised thefts for spring and summer will fall.

Ian Donaldson Managing Director of Autonet Insurance commented on the recent figures: “Spring and Summer are prime seasons that thieves will target due to the lighter nights. Tools that are being used during these months will also be targeted. Taking a few steps to ensure valuables are secured correctly can help homeowners as well as making sure they have the correct home insurance.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge