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Gas and electricity bills rise

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Gas and electricity bills are set to rise in October which is set to affect around 5 million electricity customers and 3.4 million gas customers.

Energy bills have been constantly rising for households throughout the year with many consumers choosing different companies that have better deals when it comes to choosing their energy supplier. The rate of salaries is currently stable which is leaving households struggling.  

The rise of 9% will add £8.53 a month on to a dual fuel bill rising from £1,172 to £1,274 which is expected to remain until the second half of 2013.

Scottish and South Energy have said reasoning behind the rise is due to energy price increases in wholesale markets and the rising cost of using the National Grid network.

The news of the hikes will be unwelcomed by households as bills continue to increase as well as being introduced during the season of Winter when electric and gas is used the most. Consumers are now being urged more than ever before to shop around to see what deals are on offer, which could potentially save them money.

To help with the issue of rising energy bills the Government have also launched free or discounted heating measures to help save the amount of energy that is used in a household. Among the measure are The Renewable Heat Incentive, Cavity Wall Installation and Loft Installation. If the measures are agreed by consumers they could potentially save £110 a year on their bills.  

Ian Marchant, SSE chief executive, commented on the hikes: “Unfortunately, the increases in costs that we have seen since making this pledge can no longer be absorbed and mean that we are unable to keep prices at their current levels beyond this autumn.

“An increase in our prices has therefore, regrettably, become unavoidable.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge