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Parents reveal teaching their child how to drive is difficult to do

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A new poll carried out by the AA Driving School has found that parents feel teaching their children to drive is the hardest compared to other milestones or skills they need to teach.

The research revealed that 5% of people who took part in the poll feel that getting into a passenger seat with their learner child is the most difficult thing parents do.

Turning the age of 17 is a milestone for most young adults as it’s a time when they can learn how to drive and have their own freedom and independence. However learning to drive is the first hurdle that has to be overcome with many parents choosing to help their children to pass their test quicker with private lessons.

The Driving Standards Agency say on average it takes learners around 45 hours of driving lessons with an instructor and also 22 hours of private lessons with their relatives in order to pass their test.

The AA Driving School is offering advice to parents so they don’t feel too much pressure when taking to the roads with their learner child. Among the advice is to keep patient, practice what they have been learning in their lessons instead of starting something new, go out at different times of the day, use different routes and drive in different weather conditions.

Jim Kirkwood, managing director of AA Driving School, commented: “Taking your children out for private practice doesn’t have to be stressful and it certainly shouldn’t be harder than giving birth or getting through a period of illness.

“Any amount of extra practice with friends or family is associated with a higher driving test pass rate*, so it’s really important that learners have this chance. But, it’s also important that those people taking learners for private practice feel comfortable doing so.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge

*DfT Road Safety Research Report No.81 – Cohort II: A study of learner and new dr