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Fines for motorists during the Olympics

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Transport for London (TFL) has revealed the amount of fines that were issued to motorists during the 2012 Olympic Games.

During the Olympics 6,500 motorists were issued fines costing £130 after they were caught driving through the official Olympic Games Lanes.

The Games Lanes which came into force July 25th were designed to ensure athletes, sponsors and officials got to the events in good time via the Olympic Route which consisted of a 109-mile stretch of London’s roads.

Organisers stressed the importance of the Games Lanes to motorists months leading up to the games. Motorists were offered alternative ways of travel, advice and information on potential routes that could be used to minimise the amount of disruption.

Warnings were issued for the first six days of the lanes being used to give drivers the opportunity to get used to the adjustment. However motorists continued to use the Game Lanes resulting in fines being issued costing £845,000.

Even though the amount of fines were high, TFL has reported that there was a 98% compliance rate from motorists during the Olympics, highlighting that nearly all of motorists who took to the capitals roads abided by the new rules.

Figures also showed that many took advice from organisers and chose alternative means of travel. During the first week of the Olympics a record number of people used London’s public transport. Around 4.4 million people travelled on the Tube during the first weekend of the Games which was higher compared to the 3.6 million that usually use the underground.

Transport for London Chief Operating Officer for surface transport, Garrett Emmerson commented: “We had no interest in unnecessarily penalising drivers and, with a very high compliance rate of around 98%, the overwhelming majority followed the requirement to stay out of Games Lanes when they were in use.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge