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Children driven to school even though they live less than a mile away

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New research from parenting website has found that parents drive their children to school even though they only live a short distance away.

Over the next couple of days children in the UK will be getting ready to go back to school after their summer break, with many being driven to school instead of walking.

The research found that one in three children who are driven to school live less than a mile away and one in ten of parents admitted to driving their child less than 500 yards. Reasoning behind this was down to the lack of time there is in the morning with parents trying to get to work on time as well as ensuring their children are at school.

It seems that for parents it is more convenient to use their car to take their children to school but 30% of parents from the survey said they did worry about the cost of petrol that is wasted taking small trips such as the school run as the amount that is used can soon start to add up.

The research relates to the latest news of fuel prices rising quickly compared to what they were for August when they dropped for the first time in months. The drop in prices made it easier for families to fill their tank up and get more for their money.

It is known that small journeys can add up to a lot of petrol being used which is why vehicle owners can make small changes when it comes to using their vehicle. Making sure there are no extra items in the car is one of the many options that can help parents to save fuel.

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By Amanda Bainbridge