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A joyful end to an amazing 6 weeks

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Last night saw the Paralympics finally come to an emotional but spectacular close. Lead singer, Chris Martin, of the famous British rock band Coldplay, sang many of his hits from their best-selling albums including popular song ‘Paradise’ to a packed audience of 60,000 inside the Paralympic stadium.

It has been a jam packed 6 weeks of sport which has offered viewers from all over the world the chance to see some of the greatest athletes compete, all striving to walk away with the iconic gold medal. The last 12 days have been particularly inspirational and truly amazing without a shadow of a doubt. The magnificent performances of the 4,200 paralympians has been absolutely breathtaking. Men and women from 164 nations who have overcome some huge obstacles showed the world that anything is possible if you put your mind to something.

Their achievements almost seem impossible and yet watching these athletes they proved the world wrong. A cyclist riding their bike without any aid of prosthetic limbs even though he only had one arm and one leg. The American gold medal winning tennis player who only threw the ball up to serve with his feet. Armless swimmers and archers. The list is endless.           

What better way to celebrate these extraordinary achievements than to see stunning firework displays, talented performers dancing with fire and worldwide superstars singing some of their hit performance songs. The closing ceremony was an outstanding success which went way on into the night, enjoyed by both athletes and spectators. Last night was an emotional end to what was an absolutely stunning Olympic Games. 

Now, as the dust settles and London finally waves goodbye to one of the most popular sporting events of all time, we start to try and get back to normality and look forward to the next Olympic Games which is to be hosted in Rio, Brazil in 2016.

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