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Increased number of motorists using their mobile phone for social media

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Over the past year social media and smart phones have become increasingly popular with latest research revealing the motorists are still using their mobile phone whilst driving.

The research carried out by the AA found that drivers are texting, tweeting, updating their Facebook and even taking photographs on the move. 42% of the people asked said they had used a mobile whilst in the car and 60% admitted to being directed whilst driving as a result. 

The results also revealed that 74% of drivers see others using their mobile phone on some journeys whereas 25% said they see it on every journey they make.

Sending a text was the most activity that motorists do whilst driving with 20%, the second was checking emails with 4% and the third was sending an email with 2% of motorists doing this. The use of Twitter and Facebook was also something that motorists look at while they are driving.

The alarming amount of motorists that are continuing to use their mobile phone when they are driving is still a concern. Since 2003 it was made illegal for motorists to use their mobile phone and if caught they face a £60 fine and three penalty points which can lead to an increased insurance premium.  The research has highlighted that a high number of motorists are still using their mobile phone which can cause accidents involving innocent people. 

Commenting, Edmund King, AA president, commented on the research: “Drivers need to concentrate on driving rather than be distracted by their digital technology.

“Our research shows that some drivers are now using their Smart phones for more than talking on the move. It is really not smart to talk, text or tweet on the move.

“We would like to see the police target more mobile phone abusers so that the message gets out that it is not worth hanging on the telephone while driving.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge