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Research reveals landmarks cause distraction to motorists

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The UK has some of the most spectacular and historical landmarks that are well known by everyone, but new research has found they can cause accidents.

Motorists may think that having a quick glance over at a famous landmark whilst on their journey won’t cause difficulties but the research has shown that the amount of people admitting to looking at a landmark and then it resulting in an accident is high.

The study has found that a third of drivers have admired a landmark whilst driving but it has resulted in a minor crash or near miss after taking their eyes off the road to look at it which then led to hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Stonehenge topped the list as the most dangerous sight after more than a quarter of people asked admitted to looking at the landmark which then resulted in a minor accident or near miss. The second landmarked deemed dangerous was the Angel of the North which is a 66ft Angel statue situated in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 11.5 per cent of people asked had reported an incident after looking at the landmark. Third place on the list was Blackpool Tower with 11.3 per cent admitted to an accident after looking at landmark whilst driving.

Other famous landmarks that distracted motorists included the Scottish Highlands, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Cheddar Gorge, Severn Bridge and Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The study also highlighted that motorists tend to slow down when passing famous landmarks to get a view which could result in an oncoming car colliding.

Motoring organisations are now urging motorists who want to view landmarks around the UK to take alternative routes which allows them to park away from the road to minimise the amount of minor accidents that happen.

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By Amanda Bainbridge