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Government figures reveal motorists still drink and drive

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The Governments latest annual report of road traffic accidents has found that motorists still got behind the wheel of their vehicle even though they thought they were over the drink drive limit.

Over the past year new campaigns have been introduced to change drink driving laws in a bid to reduce the amount of motorists that drive over the limit. The punishment for drinking and driving is that motorists who are caught may lose their licence for a year, receive a fine and could face up to six months in prison.

Department for Transport figures have revealed that motorists are still driving under the influence of alcohol despite the repercussions. The figures found that 2 million drivers are willing to take the risk of drinking and driving, causing danger to themselves and other people.

The figures showed that 91% of drivers admitted to having a drink and then getting behind the wheel and 8% revealed they drove knowing they were over the limit. It was also highlighted that 700,000 motorists took breath tests with 85,000 motorists failing.  

It was also found that drivers over the limit were responsible for 15% of road fatalities which has encouraged motoring groups to raise awareness of drinking and driving. Motorists are now being urged to think before they decide to drink and drive.

Edmund King, the AA’s president commented on the figures: “Although drink drive casualties have fallen hugely, people are still prepared to take the risk of throwing away their lives and others; ultimately publicity has to be combined with a real perceived risk of being caught. 

“The answer is traffic policeman patrolling the streets, but at the moment the numbers of these appear to be in steady decline. Our message is, if you are going to drive, don’t drink and if you are going to drink, don’t drive.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge