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ABI urge homeowners to claim for flood damage

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Association of British Insurers are urging homeowners affected by last week’s severe floods to claim for damage on their insurance policies sooner rather than later.

Over the last year there have been a number of incidents where parts of the UK have been faced with extreme flooding. Heavy flooding has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage for homeowners.

The most recent incident was last week which saw rainfall being reported as the worst in decades. The equivalent of two months rainfall in 48 hours was recorded resulting in flooding causing damage to homes in the North of England.

The Association of British Insurers are now urging properties that have been affected by the recent flooding to get in touch with their insurers to arrange repairs. Advice is also being offered to minimise any further damage to homes by moving all valuables upstairs and loose items should be secured.

Flooding is becoming a common occurrence in the UK with more questions being asked about flood insurance. As it stands the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have an agreement with the Government to offer cover to properties that experience flooding until June 2013. However this agreement could end because the Government have done little to improve flood defences around the UK since the agreement started in 2000. The Government are now working with the insurance industry so that if a home is at risk they will be able to protect their property

ABI commented: “Contact your insurer as soon as possible. Most will have 24-hour emergency helplines, which can give information on next steps and arrange repairs."

“But tell your insurer and keep any receipts, as this will form part of your claim.

“Some insurers will ask for details such as the approximate depth of the flood water and the items damaged; others will simply arrange for a loss adjustor to visit the property.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge