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Learner driver costs reach £5,000

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Recent figures have shown that the cost of young drivers hitting the roads has reached an all-time high.

Each year the cost of running a car for drivers that have already passed their test is increasing due to high insurance premiums, petrol costs and tax. Vehicle maintenance is also something that has to be carried out annually which can add to the expense. However for young drivers who are starting to learn to drive, the cost has reached nearly £5,000.

Figures have revealed that driving lessons are now priced at £20- £30 for an hour and with learner drivers needing around 47- 50 lessons it can now cost up to £1,500. Insurance has dropped recently by 4% but is still on average around £2,000 and buying a vehicle can cost £1,200. Taking all of the prices into account it is now costing young drivers more than it has ever done to get on the roads.

The increased costs have now urged parents and young adults to decide if learning how to drive is something that they can do realistically as costs continue to increase and show no signs of falling. Many are choosing to find an alternative means of transport as the cost can be cheaper than owning a vehicle.  

It was also found by Asda Money that once a young driver passes their test if they choose to pay the expense of learning, parents then have the added worry of their child being on the roads and the risk of them being in a minor accident.

The survey found that 57% of parents are worries about their child driving alone and 14% refuse to allow them to drive unaccompanied. Surprisingly from the survey, 37% of parents also thought that practical tests don’t prepare young drivers sufficiently for the road.

Ian Donaldson Managing Director of Autonet Insurance commented: "The latest costs for learner drivers have increased recently leaving parents to decide if funding their child to learn how to drive is something that can be afforded.

"Household bills have also increased and with many salaries frozen it is putting a strain on families."

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By Amanda Bainbridge