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Mileage to be stated on MOT certificates

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Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have announced that MOT certificates will now state a vehicles mileage to prevent clocking.

From November 18th an MOT certificate will have the mileage of a vehicles previous three tests along with the mileage from its most recent test. This will mean an accurate display of a vehicles history can be proven to a buyer who is interested in purchasing the vehicle. The new feature on MOT certificates will make it difficult for vehicles to be clocked.

Clocking is a procedure that is carried out by criminals that can take miles off a vehicles odometer. This gives potential buyers the impression it has travelled fewer miles than it actually has. The con can add hundreds of pounds to the value of a vehicle. Typically adding 1,000 miles can add £100-£400 on to a vehicle.

Vehicle checking company HPI found that clocked vehicles in the UK have increased by 10% over the last five years. It is hoped now that the new mileage check on MOT certificates will tackle the problem of the amount of vehicles being clocked.

Advice is also being offered to motorists to check their vehicle to ensure it hasn’t been clocked. Checking MOT certificates against service history invoices can help to find if a vehicle has been targeted and checking the odometer to see if it has been interfered with can also indicate something is wrong.

Director of the RMI National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) Sue Robinson commented on the new rules: “The NFDA have long campaigned for rigorous regulation of clocking and this change in legislation is a positive step to wipe out rogue activity.

“Additionally, consumers will benefit from the changes as it means they will have a completely accurate account of the current condition of the used car they are purchasing.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge