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Winter driving campaign launched by IAM

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The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) will be launching their winter driving campaign this week to help motorists to be fully prepared for the winter months ahead.

Winter can bring all types of weather such as snow, ice, sleet, heavy rain and winds which can make it difficult whilst on the roads. Now motorists are being urged to take care when it comes to driving during winter and taking a few safety tips on board could help them to avoid dangerous situations.

Part of the winter campaign by the road safety charity will be a new website, which will be designed to help motorists by containing advice on winter driving, regular traffic updates and the latest weather forecast. Guides and driving tips will also be available to motorists to ensure they know how to be safe.

The campaign has been launched because of increased accident rates due to winter driving conditions. Last year alone saw slippery roads contribute to 13,420 casualties and 79 fatalities and rain, sleet, fog and snow caused 1,786 casualties. Earlier this year the North of England also received heavy rainfall causing roads to ice over and 100 accidents occurred because of this.

IAM Chief Executive Simon Best commented on their winter campaign: “The first thing you need to ask when the weather is bad is whether you need to travel, and if so, if there are alternatives to the roads.  

“When you are on the road, be prepared to slow down and take extra care, particularly on bends and roads which are open to the elements.

“Our winter driving campaign will provide comprehensive advice and guidance for those who do decide to travel, keeping them as safe as possible.” 

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By Amanda Bainbridge