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Government decline young driver scheme

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The Government have spoken out about the recent proposals put forward for young drivers by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

ABI have been campaigning for the introduction of a graduated licence in a bid to tackle problems with young drivers. The campaigning began after it was revealed that at least one younger driver aged between 17 and 24 was involved in a quarter of all personal injury road accidents.

Among the plans for learner drivers under the age of 25 was to have a minimum of one year learning experience before taking their driving test and a ban was also called about taking intensive driving courses.

For newly qualified drivers under the age of 25, plans were to get them to hold a graduated driving licence of two years and at the end of the two years they would be required to take a second test to ensure they are able to drive safely on the roads.

Motoring groups have recently expressed their views about the new laws saying they don’t offer young drivers the experience of life and won’t make them safer drivers for the future. Instead allowing young drivers to take to the road will give them value experience of how other drivers act on the roads as well as gaining confidence.

However after much speculation the Government have now declined to take any measures that are involved in the scheme at this moment.

Road safety minister Stephen Hammond spoke to saying he has ruled out the scheme: “There are currently no plans to introduce graduated licensing in England and Wales.

“However we do keep this policy under review.

“We are already working with young people, the insurance industry and other key partners to identify what more can be done to ensure that newly qualified drivers are properly prepared and drive safely.

“We will consider carefully any ideas that reduce the risks of accidents involving young drivers.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge