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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System introduced

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A new EU law has been introduced which will make it a requirement that battery powered sensors are fitted inside every tyre on new model cars.

Tyre requirements in the UK are important to a motorist’s safety and taking care of them can improve their longevity. If a vehicle has the wrong tyre pressure this can decrease the tyres grip and braking distances can also be affected. Each vehicle has its own correct pressure that needs to be adhered to.  

The regulation came into force from the 1st November which will allow the monitoring system to compare how various tyres grip the road and how noisy they are. The new law will be part of the annual MOT test that is carried out each year from 2015. By this time all new cars with have the sensors fitted to the tyres.

The sensors will cost from £40 to £250 per tyre depending on the vehicle type and if the tyre gets damaged the owner will have to replace the sensor which could prove to be costly. A sensor value from each wheel will send a signal to the cars electronic unit and if the tyre drops to below 20% of its recommended pressure a symbol will appear on the dashboard.

The law comes into force after recent research revealed that there are 26 million vehicles on UK roads. The research found that 4% of people drive without four tyres properly inflated making it a potential hazard for the motorist and other road users. It was also reported that 20 million litres of fuel are wasted each year due to underinflated tyres.  

Motoring experts have welcomed the new system and it is hoped it will make motorists safer whilst on the roads.

Paul Everitt, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders spoke to ITV saying: “There are two key benefits from this system.

“Firstly, your tyres will be safer if they are appropriately inflated and secondly you will be more fuel efficiency if they are appropriately inflated.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge