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ABI urges the Government to tackle whiplash claims

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The Association of British Insurers has urged the Government to tackle the problem of whiplash claims in the UK.

It has been reported that for last year over 550,000 whiplash injuries were claimed for. Due to the rise in claims the International Whiplash Conference took place to decide a procedure that will bring the number of whiplash claims down. The introduction of the advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) was discussed as well as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) which is essential when preventing whiplash claims.

ABI have now said the Government need to publish its consultation regarding the crackdown on the whiplash epidemic after the Government committed to increase the small claims track limit for personal injury claims and introduce more independent medical experts to assess whiplash claims.

Currently the Government have not produced any proposals to tackle the problem which has resulted in 10,000 claims being reported each week. This has led to honest motorists being charged high premiums for their insurance. The rise in claims has been reported to be costing the insurance industry over £400m.

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries also found in their report that despite the amount of road accidents dropping whiplash claims have risen. The rise has been blamed on the change in claiming behaviour.  

James Dalton, the ABI’s Head of Motor Insurance, spoke about the rise in claims saying: “For too many people a car crash automatically means a whiplash claim.

“Government reforms will tackle the ‘have a go’ compensation culture. But when it comes to whiplash, the Ministry of Justice have had their foot on the brake for too long and it is time to get on with consulting if we are to help genuine whiplash claimants and drive the whiplash cheats from our roads.”
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By Amanda Bainbridge