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Accidents increase for November

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A study has revealed that November is the most dangerous month of the year for motorists.  

As winter approaches weather conditions such as heavy rain, sleet and snow can make driving conditions hazardous to motorists as it coincides with darker nights.  

A study carried out by Halfords has found, using the Department of Transport figures, that in excess of 1,000 more road accidents are reported in November compared to any other month. Data that has been analysed between 2007 and 2011 found that on average 1,168 additional accidents were reported taking the average accident count for November to 14,908.

The research showed that an increase in the amount of accidents could be caused by motorists not being prepared for incidents that could occur. 25% of drivers failed to change their driving habits during darker evenings and 20% did not carry out any basic safety checks such as changing a light bulb or battery. Even though motorists failed to do this 30% recognised that darker driving conditions are one of the biggest hazards they could face.

It was also found from the research that just 11% of motorists said they changed their head or tail light bulbs and 21% replaced their vehicles wiper blades.

Motor safety experts are now urging motorists to prepare for the winter to avoid being involved in accidents caused by hazardous conditions.  

Paul McClenaghan, commercial director of Halfords, said: “It’s evident that most people are rightly concerned by the onset of darker nights, yet the majority fail to take sufficient pre-emptive action.

“Whether that is through a lack of technical knowledge, confidence or time, it is an avoidable problem. Halfords operates a WeFit service – where trained technicians fit essential parts like bulbs, wiper blades and batteries in order to help keep cars and drivers safe.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge