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£50m wasted by motorists while defrosting their vehicle

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Research carried out by Direct Line has found that motorists waste nearly £50 million of fuel each year whilst defrosting their vehicles.

The winter period is approaching which will see motorists having to tackle freezing temperatures and the task of defrosting their vehicle.

The research found that motorists, who leave their vehicle running in order to defrost, waste £50 million of fuel during winter which equates to 300 million road miles. Given the current fuel prices, leaving a vehicle running idle can be costly for motorists. Results from the study found that 5% of motorists admitted to leaving their vehicle running for ten minutes or more before their journey which makes them responsible for £2.45 million of the total that is wasted on fuel.

It was also found that motorists put themselves at risk of invalidating their insurance as 42% admitted to leaving their vehicles unattended with the keys in the ignition. This gives thieves the opportunity to strike which can result in a vehicle being stolen.

Steve Price, head of Direct Line Car Insurance, said: “With fuel prices having risen more than 40 pence per litre since 2007, it makes more sense than ever to consider alternative methods of defrosting your car on icy days. It is really important that drivers never leave their cars unattended with the keys in the ignition under any circumstances, but particularly when defrosting their cars.

“Many of us are pressed for time in the mornings and so leaving your car to warm up whilst running back indoors to tie up some loose ends can seem like a clever use of our time. However, if a theft occurs under these circumstances, policyholders may not be covered.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge