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Motorists reveal which road users they find annoying

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Research by the AA has found that motorists feel more angry with other car drivers compared to any other road user.

It was found that when drivers were asked who made them most angry on the roads, 45% voted for other car users compared to 18% who voted for the White Van Man and 13% for cyclists. Pedestrians, bus drivers and motorcyclists were found to be the least annoying.

The survey showed that, 52% of drivers in Northern Ireland and 49% in the West Midlands were most likely to choose a car driver as their number one hate. Surprisingly motorcyclists were found to be a pet hate on the roads by drivers over the age of 65 and 18-24 year olds. White Van Man was chosen by people in a professional trade, those living in London, South East and over 55’s. Pedestrians were found to be the least annoying throughout age groups and categories.

Separate research by Admiral also found which driving habits motorists find annoying whilst on the roads. Unsurprisingly 74% said that tailgating was their biggest annoyance, followed by 73% saying motorists who use mobile phones and 71% said drivers who don’t indicate. The least favoured annoyance was motorists running red lights with just 30% choosing this.

Edmund King, AA president spoke about the AA results saying: “We really must get past this dangerous ‘them and us’ mentality that sours interactions between different groups (and even sub-groups) of road users – be they cyclists, motorcyclists or drivers of vehicles large or small.

“A tribal mentality on the roads just fosters road rage which is not good for your blood pressure or road safety. Drivers need to remember that other road users are also human beings with equal rights to share the roads.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge