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Motorists sceptical about driverless cars

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A new poll by Road Safety Organisation IAM has found that motorists are sceptical about driverless cars.

Driverless cars rely on GPS, radars and satellites without the need of a driver. Tests have been carried out with over 300,000 miles being covered with no accidents occurring yet. However motorists have admitted they are dubious about the safety aspects of the vehicle.

From the research 65% of respondents said they were unsure whether a driverless car is a good idea and half said they don’t think a driverless car would become popular. For the majority of respondents, 74% believe that the focus on designing driverless cars should end and the focus should be on making current cars safer.  

Additional results found from the research were that 22% said they would not use a driverless car and despite reservations just 9% said a driverless car was irresponsible.

However the results highlighted that motorists were impressed with the technology in the vehicle which would not allow the car to exceed speed limits.  

It’s unclear whether a driverless car will become a future technology that motorists will favour as safety aspects would need to be investigated to ensure motorists were happy.

IAM Chief Executive Simon Best said: “The presence of driverless technology in every car is still many years away. In the meantime, more should be done immediately to improve driver standards and deal with the most common human errors through better training, as well as incentives by the government and insurance companies.

“Of course technology has a huge role to play in road safety, but as long as there are cars on the road people will want to drive them. What we need to aim for is first class drivers operating first class vehicles.

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By Amanda Bainbridge