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UK motorists happy to do their own vehicle maintenance

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UK motorists are happy to carry out their own vehicle maintenance according to research carried out by motoring group RAC.

A RAC poll has found that 70% of motorists are happy to conduct their own maintenance and reasoning behind this is due to pricey garage bills. It has been estimated that motorists are trying to save money by fixing their vehicles themselves.

The poll found that 23% believe garages ‘rip-off unsuspecting motorists’ resulting in more than half saying they would attempt to fix it themselves, rather than going to a mechanic. The most common task that motorists are happy to do themselves is changing the oil in their vehicle.

Complex tasks have also been attempted by motorists with 31% of respondents saying they have changed a wheel, 27% have changed a battery, 12% have modified their belt tension and 9% fitted new brake pads to their vehicle.

The research highlighted that teens and motorists in their early twenties are more effective at preventing breakdowns compared to older drivers due to how much time they spend checking their vehicle. 60% of women also said they are confident when it comes to vehicle maintenance and have carried out one or more repair.

Respondents also calculated how much money they are saving themselves by doing their own maintenance. Those that did this said they saved an average of £151 whilst 6% said they saved more that £500.

David Bizley, RAC Technical Director, said: “It is great to see that Brits are taking an interest in how their vehicle works and undertaking many of the simple checks and maintenance tasks which can prevent breakdowns. However, the rising cost of motoring is obviously taking its toll on drivers, and more must be done to ensure that owning a car in the UK is affordable for all.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge