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Public reject plans for new toll roads

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Research by car website has revealed that the public have rejected the Government’s plans of increasing the amount of toll roads in the UK.

Earlier this year Prime Minister David Cameron announced that toll roads were being considered to help finance improvements and ease congestion levels.

The Government have now faced backlash from the public as many thought it was an attempt to gain more money from motorists even though they are facing rising fuel costs and insurance premiums.

The research found that out of 2,500 drivers just 17% supported the plans to increase toll roads in the UK. 56% said new toll roads would not ease congestion levels and 47% said current charges are extortionate.

Motorists believe that the Government should be focusing on refurbishing and fixing existing UK roads rather than finding ways of gaining more money from motorists.

An update on the progress of the plans is expected in the Autumn Statement which is due to be announced next week.

Phill Jones, commercial director of, said: “The reality is that while British motorists like the idea of decreased congestion, in financially difficult times the majority are unwilling to pay such large sums for a privilege that should ultimately be affordable to all.

“Unless the government can appease this anomaly, it's unlikely that an extension of toll roads will be willingly accepted by the British public.

“The government must acknowledge that UK drivers are sick and tired of driving on damaged roads, wearing their tyres on potholes and being misdirected by undependable road signs.

“Fixing these problems is the most pressing and immediate issue here and one we strongly believe should be handled before consumers are asked to foot the bill for unwanted toll roads.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge