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Research reveals experience counts whilst on the roads

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Research by motoring group IAM has found that experience counts on the roads as its revealed that older drivers are as safe as drivers from all other age groups.

The research discovered that older drivers have a better attitude to safety and deal with hazards better compared to young drivers. This highlights that the experience drivers gain whilst on the roads is vital to dealing with situations that could occur when driving.

The report showed that drivers aged over 75 react just as quickly as other age groups in a situation where a vehicle emerges from the side of the road or if a car brakes suddenly. They also drive slower compared to other age groups and matain a bigger stopping distance.  

However surprisingly during the practical study older drivers didn’t look out for other vehicles as often as other age groups did and they didn’t check their rear view mirror as much.

IAM are now calling for the Government to create an action plan for older motorists, online self-assessment tools and better vehicle designs to accommodate the older driver.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “The government needs to create a strategy now to deal with the ageing driving population.

“Older drivers, their families and friends deserve access to assessment and information to help them stay safe on the road.

“As well as this, car makers need to look at innovative ways to use technology to help this growing sector and the medical profession has to improve the way it delivers support and advise to keep drivers fit for the roads.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge