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Motorists put themselves at risk during winter

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Green Flag breakdown service has conducted their latest research and discovered that motorists are putting themselves at risk during winter.

Motorists can be faced with ice, sleet, snow, rain and frost during the winter months which can make roads dangerous for motorists. Accidents can occur due to black ice and poor visibility which is why motorists are being urged to prepare their vehicle.

Green Flag’s research revealed from last year that 30% of motorists skidded on icy or wet roads, 10% got stuck in snow and 10% were left stranded with a flat battery.

Millions of motorists have said they won’t be carrying out basic vehicle checks this winter even though this can lead to safety risks. These include checking tyres and their vehicles battery.  

Some also admitted that they won’t be checking their vehicle until they have to. Alarmingly 28% of motorists said they won’t be checking their battery this winter until a problem arises, 16% won’t be checking their lights and 11% won’t check their anti-freeze level.

It was also found that motorist’s don’t carry around winter essentials with 26% not carrying de-icer, 32% not having a spare tyre and 68% don’t carry jump leads.

Miranda Schunke, spokeswoman for Green Flag, said: “Some of the simplest winter checks like inspecting the tread on your tyres and changing your oil can have a huge impact on the safety of your vehicle and the likelihood of a breakdown.

 “The findings show that millions of drivers are ignoring these vital winter preparations and choosing not to keep basic winter driving essentials in their vehicles.

“As the evenings get darker and driving conditions deteriorate this is extremely risky

“Winter weather is extremely unpredictable and breaking down in these conditions can be costly and dangerous.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge