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UK road upgrades worth £1.5 billion

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The Autumn Statement delivered good news for motorists after it was announced a £1.5 billion investment will be spent on UK roads by 2015.

Funding will be used to upgrade and maintain existing roads to help ease congestion. After 2015 a further £500 million will be invested which will add up to £1.7 billion spent on UK roads by 2015-2016.

The biggest investment will be £378 million towards key sectors of the A1 in the North East which will bring it in line with motorway standards including the entire route of the M25 to Newcastle.

Among the plans of investment is joining major roads together which will ease congestions and able motorists to spend less time on their journey. The investment will also provide £270 million for national and local projects to remove bottlenecks and support development.

The Government also spoke about plans to reduce the time it takes to plan and deliver new roads by up to half and they will look at new procedures to speed up the process.

Edmund King, AA President and a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University said: “We welcome the extra money for road schemes and in particular a commitment to upgrade the A1 up to Newcastle to motorway standard which will boost the economy of the North East and improve safety.”

However motoring groups said the £1.5 billion investment from the Government is not enough to fix the condition of UK roads and more funding should have been allocated. 

Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “[Osborne] has announced some significant new money, so to that extent it's welcome."

"It's nowhere near enough."

To read the full transport investment statement click here.

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By Amanda Bainbridge