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ABI urges homeowners to check they are covered this Christmas

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Association of British Insurers are urging homeowners to be prepared and check that they are covered by their insurance this Christmas.

As the Christmas season is now here many people around the UK are buying gifts for friends and family, however this is the time when thefts can occur. The warnings come after 23,000 burglary claims were reported last year costing £35m.

For the month of December the likelihood of a home being broken into and any other disastrous incidents happening increases compared to any other month. It is also a time when contents are at their highest value and can increase overall by 15%. Experts are now urging homeowners to check the details of their home insurance to ensure all eventualities are covered.

Many well-known insurance companies increase their level of protection by 10% during December according to the Association of British Insurers.  

Homeowners need to ensure that they are protected this Christmas and advice is being offered to them to guarantee they are prepared. Amongst the advice is keeping presents and valuables away from windows, don’t leave packaging from expensive gifts outside, make sure windows and doors are secure and check home contents are covered by an insurance policy. 

Shoppers also need to be cautious when it comes to their Christmas shopping trip as this can also be a target for thieves. Vehicles can be targeted as well as busy shopping centres.

Malcolm Tarling from the Association of British Insurers said: “Thieves love Christmas. They know that there are plenty of easy pickings to be had this time of year.

“Being vigilant and taking a few common sense precautions can ensure that you do not remember this Christmas for the wrong reasons.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge