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How to insure your Christmas presents

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Christmas is always an expensive time of year for people. The cost of presents can soon mount up once you have bought for all your friends and family. With this added extra expense in the month on December you want to make sure that you have all the correct insurance cover against theft so if the worst case scenario happens, you are not left out of pocket.

What with all the extra expenditure during the festive season, this is an ideal time for thieves to operate and look out for some rich easy pickings. It’s all well and good storing your gifts in a closet under the stairs or under the seats of your car, but it is highly advisable that you take a bit more precaution when it comes to protecting your Christmas gifts.     

Secure your Christmas presents

Many insurance companies will increase your home or vehicle contents cover during the lead up to Christmas and over the period itself. The British Association of Insurance Brokers say that many insurers will automatically uplift home insurance in the month of December. It is always advisable to check with your insurance company regarding your own home insurance package.

Make sure you always call your insurer and if applicable add new purchase items onto your policy over £1000 if you have bought them as a gift. For example, a new plasma television. Many insurers will request that you add individual items of any expense under your current policy.

A few pointers that we suggest you follow are:

  • If you are keeping goods in your vehicle never leave it unlocked and unattended
  • Make sure you store all valuable shopping items out of sight in the vehicle
  • Where possible, keep items of value locked away in either the glove box or boot underneath the parcel shelf

A few other Christmas security tips

After you have bought all your favourite friends and family their gifts for Christmas and you’re happy that they are insured correct and stored away, there are a few other things you can do to further protect yourself against theft.

Purchasing goods on your credit or debit card can often mean that you will receive insurance protection through your bank. Check the terms and conditions with the bank but this is usually the case.

Buying items on a card will also mean that there is a record of your purchase. If you need to prove that you have bought an item if you’re making an insurance claim and have lost the receipt you will have evidence on a bank statement.