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How to use your van this Christmas!

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Your van may not be able to transport thousands of tonnes like Father Christmas and his sleigh, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be put to good use this season!

1. Transporting Christmas trees – If you own a van, bringing your tree home will be a virtually stress free experience! Before departing to pick up your tree, measure the height of the room it is going in and the height of your van’s storage area. Take a pair of heavy duty garden gloves and find a blanket to protect your van from needles and sap (although very few needles should come off the tree if it is fresh). When you have got your tree, try and get it netted to make it more manageable and then lay it flat in the van on top of the blanket. Remember to drive home slowly!

2. Turn it in to a Grotto for the kids – Who needs Lapland to see Santa? ‘Deck’ your van out and turn it in to your very own Grotto for your kids! Hang coloured fabrics, creative silver foil or blankets of fake snow to create the right atmosphere inside. Add battery powered fairy lights and a bit of greenery such as mistletoe. Put a comfortable, but good size chair in the centre of the space and dot a couple of large cushions about. Bring in a decorated tree of a diminutive size and wrap a few chocolate selection boxes and place near the tree. No grotto is complete without its Father Christmas! Decide whether you are going to don the Santa outfit or rope in a friend or a neighbour in to create a little magic in your child’s eyes.

3. Hide the presents! If you have got nowhere to store larger sized presents, your van might just provide the perfect answer! However, not to be a ‘bah humbug’ but do not compromise security for this kind of quick storage solution. Fit a security window film to keep prying eyes away from your possessions. Check your Van Insurance policy and see if van contents, personal belongings and overnight goods cover are included; if the worse happens you will have cover to meet your needs.

4. Get involved in Christmas plays and parades – Whether it is a primary or Sunday school nativity play, your van will appear as a shining light if they are struggling to transport costumes and props. Check that you have goods in transit cover included in your policy – in a nutshell, this is a type of insurance that covers goods when they are on the road.

5. Christmas carolling in a van – Get a group of friends together and plan a mini tour of carolling around your neighbourhood. You can use your van to transport the group about, use it as somewhere to keep warm, eat nibbles and have a bit of fun practising!  Make an impression and who knows? People might even start to hire you for corporate and private events!

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By Suzanne Jordan