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Vehicle tax disc could be axed

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The vehicle tax disc which has been used by UK motorists for over 90 years could be axed under new guidelines from ministers.

The historic vehicle tax disc is currently displayed on 36 million vehicles which proves a motorist has paid their vehicle tax.

Ministers have now said that scrapping the paper disc would cut costs and streamline services to motorists. A digital version could indicate that the Government are moving with the times in terms of how the motoring industry is changing.

Officials have spoken out about the possible axe of the tax disc saying there is no need for the paper disc to be displayed. Reasoning behind this is that Police can now check a vehicle via the DVLA computer database and can instantly check if a car has been taxed or not.

Motoring groups have now being speaking out about the scrapping of the tax disc saying it will put an end to a motoring era.

As it stands it is not yet known if the vehicle tax disc will be axed for good until discussions are undertaken by the DVLA and Ministers.

It seems as though the motoring industry will be making changes to reform Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency as the way that motorists will be communicated to by the DVLA could also see changes. It is expected that reminders about renewing vehicle tax could be via email and text.

Among other plans to change motoring rules is the paper part of a driving licence is due to be axed by 2015.

AA president Edmund King said: “Traditionalists will mourn the tax disc’s passing’, motoring and vehicle information is increasingly going online.

“The police use number-plate reading camera technology to check car details on their own or on the DVLA’s database.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge