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Social and Business use for your car

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Insuring your car can be a rather complicated process at times. There are so many different things you need to take into consideration, especially if you use your car for business purposes. There are different types of use that you choose from when you purchase your car insurance depending on what the vehicle is actually going to be used for. Making sure you select the right one is very important otherwise you may be uninsured if you were ever to have an accident. Below is a guide to the different types you can choose from and what they actually offer.

Social, domestic and pleasure

This type of use is one of the most common and anyone that insures a car in the UK will most likely have this use included. Out of all the different types of use this is usually the cheapest. It will not allow the policy holder to use their car for any commercial work, for example going to visit clients on business meetings. It is designed for people to use their car solely for visiting family or friends, going shopping or on outings.


Adding commuting to your type of use will allow the policy holder to travel to and from one place of work. The majority of people in the UK will have social, domestic, pleasure and commuting on their insurance which will give them the correct usage for both social and business use in their day to day routine.

Business use – Class 1

If you use your car as part of your job, for example travelling to meet clients or attend external business meetings, or travel to more than one place of work, this is the business use you will need to select.

Business use – Class 2

This is the same as class one but also allows you to have a named driver on the policy who can drive your car for business purposes only.

Business use – Class 3

This type of use tends to be the most expensive. If you travel a lot in your car for business use and don’t have any pre-arranged appointments then this is the use you will require. An example of someone who would need class three business use is a door to door salesperson or an Avon lady. 

With all of the different types of uses there are additional add on policies that you can purchase. These can be applied to both car and van insurance. One of the most popular is motor legal expenses. This will protect the policy holder in the event of a non-fault accident and potentially help you claim back uninsured losses like medical bills or solicitors fees. Motor legal expenses can be very beneficial and it is always worth trying to include this to your insurance quotation.

When obtaining an insurance quote make sure you give accurate information as in the event of a claim your insurance may become invalid if you don’t provide accurate information.