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Different variations of vans

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There are a whole host of different type of vans and trucks that are available on the market. Each type of vehicle can be used for a variety of different things and certain industries will use specific vehicles for different jobs. Below is a list of a few different vehicle types and what they can be used for.

Flatbed trucks

The design of flatbed trucks allows them to carry heavy items such as scaffolding poles which are long in length and sit along an extended bed at the back of the vehicle. Van insurance for these types of vehicle is usually sourced through a specialist company or department within an insurance broker due to the nature of the vehicle. 

Pick – up trucks

The pick-up is designed with an open back that many tradesmen use to carry goods and tools. It’s a popular choice as they can hold a lot of weight and are very versatile. A good example of a tradesman that may use such a vehicle is a gardener who could store all sorts of tools in the vehicle such as spades, trowels and lawnmowers.

Panel vans 

Panel vans are probably the most common type of van you will see on the roads. They are used in all sorts of trades from plumbers to electricians and window cleaners to couriers. Van insurance quotescan cover different numbers of drivers on the policy dependant on your individual requirements. You may use your van for work purposes in which case you might have a few employees that need to drive the vehicle on a regular basis. If this is the case make sure you have all the relevant information to hand when you are shopping around for insurance quotes.

Whenever you supply details to an insurance company you must make sure that all the information is as accurate as possible. If you needed to make a claim and the information on your policy was wrong you run the risk of invalidating your insurance.

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