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Research shows young drivers are easily distracted

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New research from the Association of British Insurers has found that young drivers are easily distracted whilst driving on the roads.

Motorists can be faced with different distractions and scenarios, but research has revealed that young people in particular can be easily distracted. As a result of this, it could contribute to a high accident rate for young drivers as well as insurance premiums rising.

From the research 55% of young drivers admitted to being distracted by other passengers when they drive, 45% said they pay too much attention to scenery and 44% feel the radio is also distracting. The figures also highlighted that 24% said they would find it acceptable to speed at night which puts themselves and other motorists in danger.

Advice is now being offered to young drivers in a bid to minimise the amount of accidents that can occur. Amongst the advice is to plan a route before driving which avoids country roads as this could lead to an accident, turn the radio off, don’t drink and drive and check there is adequate breakdown cover.

James Dalton, the ABI's head of motor, said: “Many young drivers who are not yet experienced behind the wheel find it hard to concentrate when driving.

“At this time of year the driving distractions and dangers come thick and fast: driving in the dark and in difficult weather conditions such as in heavy rain or ice and often with friends or family in car.

“That is why the ABI is urging young drivers to be alert and stay safe this festive period especially when driving with friends at night. The ABI is leading the campaign for Safe Young Drivers to bring down accident rates on the roads.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge