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Department for Transport announce road traffic signs to be removed

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It has been announced this week by the Department for Transport that road traffic signs across the UK are being cut under new local authority plans.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLouglin has urged local authorities to bring down traffic signs that are not needed in the area. The move is a bid to tackle clutter on the streets and to remove unnecessary signs, which can be confusing for motorists.  

Changes have already been made with the Capital already removing 8,000 signs and 4,000 poles which have been installed since the 1990’s. Other areas that have also made changes are Hampshire which has taken down 200 signs and Somerset has also removed 1,000 signs.

Local authorities are now being given hints and tips from the Department for Transport regarding the removal of road signs. Amongst the advice is improving the streetscape by identifying and removing signs, ensuring signs are provided only where they are needed and remove damaged and worn out signs.

The Department for Transport is now looking into revising the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions Act to give authorities more discretion in how and where to place traffic signs. New regulations are scheduled to be in force by 2014.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLouglin said: “There are too many unnecessary signs blotting the landscapes of our towns and cities. That is why I have published new guidance, to help encourage local authorities to make old, confusing and ugly signs a thing of the past.

“I want to congratulate London, Hampshire and Somerset councils for leading the way and getting rid of sign clutter. They are a fantastic example and I urge other councils to think about where traffic signs are placed and whether they are needed at all.”


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By Amanda Bainbridge