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Pothole damage costs increase for motorists

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New research has found exactly what damage potholes can have on a vehicle and the cost motorists could face.

Throughout 2012, UK weather caused major flooding in certain areas and as a result of this roads were damaged. Experts have calculated that the number of potholes has doubled compared to a year ago.

A recent survey carried out by the AA found that cyclists had to tackle an average of six potholes per mile, highlighting that UK road maintenance needs to be dealt with. Latest figures have now revealed that potholes are still causing issues for motorists as heavy rainfall has caused road surfaces to deteriorate even further. For the month of December councils were notified of potholes around 54 times a day which is 60% higher based on the average year.

A separate study by Halfords Autocentre found that 8 million vehicles per year suffer from steering and suspension damage. It is calculated that one driver is affected every four seconds and are faced with an average repair bill of £135.

Figures have shown that drivers in the North East have been hit the hardest with damages costing £181 million. The Midlands followed closely with £175million for repairs needed that were caused by potholes. Other areas that have been affected include Oxford, East Yorkshire, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

Rory Carlin from Halfords Autocentres said: “Even hitting a small pothole can easily damage wheels, tyres and affect steering alignment but serious suspension damage is becoming a more common occurrence.

“From bent anti-roll bars to damaged shock absorbers, the problems are exacerbated by three factors; the inability of local authorities to keep pace with highway maintenance, an ageing vehicle fleet more susceptible to damage as drivers keep cars for longer and component complexity, which drives up the cost of each individual repair.”


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By Amanda Bainbridge