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Research reveals working drivers take more risks

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A survey carried out by Road-Safety Charity Brake and Direct Line found that motorists who use their vehicle for work are more likely to take risks.

Motorists have to be aware whilst on the roads taking into consideration other motorists, pedestrians, road works and other possible distractions that could cause an accident injuring themselves and others.

The research found that 31% of motorists who drive their car for work admitted to texting behind the wheel compared to 28% of drivers who do not work. It was also revealed that 17% apply make-up or shave compared to 14% of drivers who do not work.  

76% of respondents also said that they break speed limits in built up areas by driving over 35mph. The results were found to be higher when comparing them to general motorists with only 62% doing this.

Advice is now being offered to motorists who may get easily distracted when driving and want to change their driving habits. Amongst them are staying within speed limits, taking extra care in built-up areas or bad conditions and switching mobile phones off.

Road-Safety Charity Brake is now urging employers to educate their employees on their driving habits to avoid putting others at risk.  

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said: “People who drive as part of their job should be taking great care to stay within the law and not put people in danger, but according to these results, at-work drivers are more likely to take many deadly risks than other drivers.

“We are urging all employers to ensure they have comprehensive safe driving policies in place and that staff know the importance of not speeding or driving distracted.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge