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Drivers admit they would struggle with a driving re-test

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A poll carried out by the AA has found that half of all drivers that were asked said they would struggle with at least one part of a driving test if they had to re-sit.

The poll found that parallel parking would be the toughest challenge for most with 32% of women admitting this compared to 16% of men. Driving at the correct speed would also prove to be difficult for 9% of men and 5% of women.

It was also discovered that there was a difference depending on the region a motorist was from. 16% of Londoners were least likely to say that parallel parking would be a problem during a re-test. Reasoning behind this is due to living in the capital where the manoeuvre could be used more. Amongst the regions that did say parallel parking would be an issue were Eastern England, Yorkshire and Humberside.

Difficulty with the use of lights and mirrors was also highlighted in the results with 12% of young drivers aged 18-24 saying that they would find this difficult compared to 1% of over-65’s.

Interestingly, despite the poll results just 11% think they are ‘quite’ or ‘very’ likely to pass a re-test.

Edmund King, director of the AA Charitable Trust, said: “It is alarming that so many drivers think there is at least one aspect of driving that they would struggle to do to the standard required to pass a driving test.

“Being able to manoeuvre correctly, making proper observations and keeping a safe distance and speed are all very important parts of driving safely.

“Driving is a skill for life and, although it is easy to let bad habits form after your test, drivers should make sure their skills are kept polished.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge