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Research reveals the types of collisions women and men are involved in

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A recent study carried out by Diamond car insurance has revealed the types of collisions men and women are involved in.

There has been an on-going debate about whether women or men are the better drivers but the results from the survey have shown some interesting results. The study investigated more than 400,000 accident claims over the last five years to see if there is a difference between the types of collisions that male and female drivers have.

The research found that compared to men, women are more likely to hit a parked car. They are also more likely to have a collision if they reverse their vehicle after being parked. Men were found to be more likely to hit an animal, hit a crash barrier or for their vehicle to leave the road and run up or down an embankment. This highlights that women have lower impact collisions compared to men.

It was also discovered that it isn’t just collisions where there is a difference between men and women as other types of claims show. For example men are most likely to claim for flood damage, having their vehicle stolen or claim for fuel contamination.

Diamond managing director, Dave Halliday, commented, “We were interested to investigate the types of accident claims made by men and women to see if there were any differences. It’s clear that on the whole women are more likely to have low impact collisions at lower speeds in places such as car parks, whereas men are more likely to have more destructive accidents at higher speeds.

“Accidents caused by men are on average more costly than those caused by women. This was why in the past women paid lower insurance premiums than men. It’s a month since the EU Gender Directive came in and our research clearly shows there are differences between men and women.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge