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ITV Daybreak launches Phone Free Zone campaign

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ITV Breakfast show Daybreak has launched a nationwide campaign this week to encourage UK motorists not to use their mobile phone whilst driving.

The campaign has been launched after a survey commissioned for Daybreak by One Poll found that 1 in 3 motorists have used their mobile phone whilst driving. Over 2000 motorists were surveyed to support the campaign and it was found that they are still using their mobile phone despite knowing it is dangerous for themselves and others.

The results revealed that one in ten motorists had used their mobile phone whilst driving with children in their vehicle. Drivers who did this the most were situated in the West Midlands, East Midlands and Northern Ireland. One in four drivers also admitted that they had been distracted from driving safely because they were using a mobile phone.

Separate figures from the Department of Transport found that since 2006, 128 deaths had occurred as a result of motorists using a mobile phone. This highlights that action needs to be taken to reduce the amount of accidents that happen on UK roads.

The Phone Free Zone campaign is calling on motorists throughout February to stop using their mobile phone behind the wheel and help to save lives and reduce accidents. The campaign is working with Shell Garages who are giving away 50,000 window stickers to motorists to display in their vehicle.

Road Safety Minister, Stephen Hammond said: “Using a mobile phone whilst driving is incredibly dangerous and the vast majority of drivers know that if caught they could face a fine, penalty points and even prison in serious cases.

“I welcome Daybreak’s work to highlight the dangers of mobile phone use at the wheel and hope that it will make more people switch off their phones before they set off on a journey.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge