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Bringing all your policies together in one

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Many companies in the UK will operate with more than one commercial vehicle. They will have a workforce that is big enough to use a variety of commercial vehicles to complete their daily jobs for their customers. When starting up, many businesses will insure their vehicles on an individual basis to begin with whilst they slowly build up their resources and manpower.

As a business expands one aspect that will often grow with the business is the amount of transport it needs. This will largely be to accommodate greater workloads and more staff. Many businesses owners will find that continuing to insure vehicles individually may become a more expensive option as well as being time consuming to manage.

Fleet insurance can be a great solution to solve these sorts of problems. It is designed to help firms who have more than one vehicle manage their insurance policies and make life easier when it comes to insurance renewals.

Most standard motor fleet insurance policies will allow any driver over the age of 25 who held a full UK licence for at least 2 years to drive any of the vehicles that are insured under the fleet. This of course will be down to the individual insurer to decide but this is generally the rule of thumb. Businesses can insure all their vehicles under one policy which will save a lot of time and administrative duties as there will only be one renewal date for all the vehicles. Businesses will not have to worry about when each individual policy is due for renewal and take time throughout the year worrying about separate renewal dates.

Changing your insurance over to a fleet policy can also save your business money. If you have no claims bonus on your individual vehicles this can be used collectively on your fleet insurance policy and possibly save you money. Speak to your insurance company for more details regarding your individual situation.

Always supply correct information as in the event of a claim your insurance policy may become void the claim not paid if any information is found to be untrue.      

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By Mark Bakharia