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Survey reveals that motorists regret buying their latest car

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Consumer Watchdog Which? have carried out a survey which reveals that motorists in the UK regret buying their latest car.

Purchasing a new car can be an exciting time and many motorists cannot wait to start driving their new vehicle. However the survey has shown that certain checks are not carried out which can prove to be expensive in the long run and leave motorists regretting the decision of purchasing the car. Which? questioned 1,388 motorists and found that 31% bought a car but later regretted doing so.

The survey found that 30% of motorists said the most common reason they regret buying their car is because they purchased a faulty car and 16% discovered the running costs were more expensive than what was expected. It was also highlighted that buyers didn’t do enough research on the vehicle or check for mechanical problems or other problems such as worn tyres.

Advice is now being given to motorists that are thinking about purchasing a new car. This includes checking the vehicles history, checking its MOT status, taking it for a test drive, making sure it is affordable and checking for any mechanical problems.

A Which? spokesperson commented on the research: “A car is one of the most expensive things many of us will buy so our advice is to do your homework to avoid ending up with an unreliable vehicle that could leave you out of pocket. 

“Drivers should check out Which?’s independent survey to compare car makes and models. The basic details of any potential purchase, like MOT status, can also be verified on the DVLA website.”

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By Amanda Bainbridge